ReThink Housing

Rhino Cubed has been selling shipping container dwellings to individuals since 2014. It has been a journey of epic proportions, filled with excitement, challenges and a few downhill slides. The company started on the premise of bringing affordable, simple housing to backyards around the United States. On our journey we discovered lots of red tape in the cities, wide open interest in rural areas and pockets of fans across the globe. However, in order to stay in business you have to be profitable. Our business model of selling individual units turned into more of hobby than a business.

So, we went back to the drawing board. We knew we had a scalable idea that was grounded in affordability and character. We did a massive brain dump of everything we have learned over the past few years; which included the good, the bad and a little bit of ugly (I will leave you to figure out what the ugly was!) And like the Phoenix rising from the flames, our NextGen line emerged. Modern and rustic, streamlined Cube configurations were born into being. Then we asked ourselves how we could bring our "Good News" to the masses. This led us to change our focus from selling to individuals, to working with developers who specialize in building affordable housing, recreational land development and Native American Reservations. The benefits of our Cubes can be realized fully when placed in communities such as these.

Going forward we want to not only be in the business of selling quality, right sized homes, we also want to be in the business of creating sustainable communities. People of all walks of life deserve to live with dignity in homes they can afford and be proud of. Our world is begging for neighborhoods that feel safe, a place where friends sit on their front porches and kids play in the yard. Rhino Cubed aims to be at the forefront of rethinking the concept of neighborhood. We want to redefine what housing is and we want you to reimagine what community looks like. So here's to the next phase of Rhino Cubed, may our paths cross in the middle of a new neighborhood soon!