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The Moon Room

Building Culturally Significant & Affordable Housing for Native Lands

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Our company was founded on the belief that everyone deserves quality, affordable housing and that life should be lived in sync with nature. These founding principles led us to begin work on a home for a client, that would serve a cultural need within the Native American community. We embarked on a journey into the discovery of the historical and cultural significance of the "Moon Room."

Moon Room

In indigenous cultures, a women's "moon time" or time of menstruation is sacred. Traditionally, women would seclude themselves in a "moon lodge" where they would sleep separate from their family, refrain from food preparation and ceremony. Female friends and relatives cared for the menstruating woman and helped her family during this time. An article in Re.wire News, states that for Ojibwe women, their moon can be a time of rest, regeneration, and recognition of their important roles as life givers and community leaders. As women bleed "...they are sloughing off the accumulated experience and stress of being a woman. Some of those experiences are painful or may contain negative energy, so we want to be careful that we don't interrupt that process." Practices of honoring this time are being reintroduced in many tribes.

With this sacred cultural practice in mind, Rhino Cubed created a home with a separate bedroom and half bath, attached with decking to the main residence, for a client that resides on a Native American Reservation. Our flexible housing sizes and factory production make this type of modification affordable and unique within the building community.