Solutions for a Unique Development

No matter what or where you are building, create a unique sense of place with our innovative home designs. We focus on sustainable quality and help streamline the building process to get your money working quicker and people in homes faster. Rhino Cubed delivers fully built homes to your planned development, helping you avoid labor and construction management hassles. We make rural development easy!


Pocket neighborhoods or single family developments, our Cubes create a unique sense of place for residents.

Affordable Housing

Our Cubes make home ownership achievable. The simplified design could be used for disaster recovery or homeless units.

Workforce Housing

Easy maintenance and moveable if needed, a Rhino Cube is the perfect solution for ski resorts, military or anywhere studios are needed.

State & Local Parks

Built to for all types of weather and outdoor wear & tear, these Cubes make perfect huts & cabins for the great outdoors.

Micro Green Communities

If you are developing a small piece of land, we have a solution for you!

Better for Development

Better for Residents


Shipped fully built - NO construction management

Easier build process with a certified factory & built to code

Habitable homes ready quicker than on-site stick-built

Innovative community layouts and home design

Simplified rural development


Modern & affordable

Create a unique sense of place

Achievable ownership

Energy efficient & right sized


Low maintenance