We’ve received the second container, which we will begin building for the PBS television series called Urban Conversion which explores green living in urban settings.  They produce out of Denver and air on Rocky Mountain PBS and have decided to include Rhino Cubed on an episode on Alternative Housing. We will be showing the finished product, “Zulu Queen” and the early building process for a container.

Many of you have questions about shipping one of these containers.  It’s really easy!  Empty weight is not more than 6000 pounds or so, and they get placed on a flatbed truck and tied down.  To unload it, we used two forklifts to lift it above the flatbed, and the truck driver simply drove away.  We placed it down on a couple standard roller carts.  Of course, it will be substantially heavier once we’ve made it into a tiny home, as the wood and inside materials will probably double its weight. Still, it’s not an issue to ship a pre-built Rhino Cubed anywhere in the country!

This is a 24-footer, big enough for a small bathroom to be included. Our plan is to build it out as a “Decanter” (see product page).  Any ideas for a name?



Sam Austin directing flatbed driver with container


It’s an exciting day for Sam! A new building project!


Discussing how to get it off the flatbed…


One forklift on each side lifted the container up off the flatbed.


Once the container was lifted, the driver drove the flatbed out.


New container, resting on roller carts.


New container sitting next to Zulu Queen.

Jan Burton is a co-founder of Rhino Cubed. An outdoor enthusiast, photographer, and environmentalist, she also loves all aspects of a socially-conscious business. She will be blogging on the tiny home marketplace, the uses of a container home, and other assorted topics.