Baby rhino in South Africa, abandoned by its Mom.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel in Africa several times for work and holiday.  Safaris are among the best trips I’ve ever taken, and I love watching and photographing the incredible animals. This little rhino had been abandoned by his Mom.  The rangers speculated that she might have been a young Mom and didn’t even know she was pregnant.  (We later found lion cubs eating the after-birth…).

He came wobbling up to our truck, searching for friends (more likely, he was looking for Mom). The rangers were going to leave him to Mother Nature, but the several of us in the group pitched a fit, and they arranged to have him rescued by a Rhino Rescue Center in South Africa.  Whew! How could you leave that little guy?


Mom and youngster on a runway in South Africa.

These two were making their afternoon leisure on the runway!  We had to make several passes to chase them off.  They were definitely staring us down.

When Sam and I were thinking about names for our company, we were researching the animals we loved and felt represented the environment. A rhinoceros is large, robust, stable, and relatively passive until disturbed.  However, as one of my friends can attest, it represents great ferocity when aroused. This image of the rhinoceros can protect a home from robbery, accidents or harm. We felt the Rhino represented the safety, robustness, and stability of a container home.  The “Cube” is self-explanatory.  Rhino Cubed made perfect sense!

A few more images to enjoy….


Young guy. Horn is not well formed.


Pretty passive, but staring us down. You wouldn’t want to get out of the truck this close.


Mom and Baby in the Masai Mara, Kenya. Notice the birds riding on Mom’s back, probably relieving her of little nuisance bugs.

Jan  Burton is a co-founder of Rhino Cubed.  An outdoor enthusiast, photographer, and environmentalist, she also loves all aspects of a socially-conscious business.   She will be blogging on the tiny home marketplace, the uses of a container home, and other assorted topics.