Nothing is more exciting or controversial than potty talk, but here we go. I’ll take a stand here and say the best thing we could do as a community for our environment is deal with the treatment of our own poop at home. And this is why: water treatment facilities are expensive and complex. Toilets waste water and pollute it and complicate the treatment process. Clean water is common in the U.S., but in many places it is the most valuable resource. I think it is the thing that we most take for granted, including me.

In fact, according to NPR’s Science Friday, each American uses 98 gallons of water per day!  Their expert stated that we actually NEED about 13 gallons per day.  Two of the top five things to do had to do with changing our habits with our toilets:  1) Install a low flush toilet (improves water use by 20%) and 2) Flush fewer times per day (you’ve probably heard the old “if it’s brown, wash it down; if it’s yellow, let it mellow”).

If you decide to live, even part-time, in a tiny home, you will be saving water and you will become much more aware of your use of all resources.  If you are located in a city, you are probably mandated to be on a sewer system.  If you’re not in a city, composting toilets are much improved, and more research is going into this field.  More in the future on your options bathrooms for container living.

Loo with a View