How & Where To Use A Rhino Cube

Affordable Housing to State Park Cabins, Cubes are a Sustainable Solution



Whether you place your Cube on a mountain top, next to a lake, or on a hunting property, it’s the perfect second home. Robust, maintenance-free, and everything-proof (varmits, insects, water, etc.), you’ll be spending time in nature instead of working on your house. With higher insulation than most custom homes, a Rhino Cube will be energy efficient and cost-effective. You can enjoy a Cube for decades and then pass it on to your kids.


Accessory Dwelling Unit

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU,) “granny-flat”, or backyard rental, is a perfect full-time living structure for you or someone who can live in your backyard. More and more cities are allowing these units to increase housing density. An ADU can provide a source of rental income or become a backyard hang-out area for family and friends.

State Park Huts & Cabins

We can customize hut and cabin configurations for state parks, campgrounds, and resorts. A shipping container cube offers stylish, secure, and affordable accommodations for guests. Sleeping quarters can be separate from kitchen and bath facilities or included in each Cube.

Affordable Housing, Disaster Relief or Homeless Solutions

If your town is looking for affordable housing options for seniors, students or seasonal workers, tiny homes are a solution! Our Cubes can be placed in a community layout and are low maintenance, stylish, and sustainable. They can be affixed to a foundation, but easily removed if the need arises to relocate the dwellings.

Airbnb or Full Time Living

Young couples or individuals and many aging baby-boomers desire to live simpler lives with less stuff. Whether you downsize to 200 sq feet or 800 sq feet, we offer various sizes and models to fit your family’s needs.

Given the resilient, yet stylish nature of our Cubes, one would make a perfect Airbnb in a backyard or on an empty lot. A “shipping container” accommodation is sure to capture the attention of anyone with an adventurous spirit!

"Shed" for Artist, Music Studio

A Cube makes a perfect structure for an outdoor studio, no matter what your discipline. Fully insulated, architecturally designed, and comfortable, it is the perfect get-away for any artist, musician, or business person. Because it’s a “shed”, it’s allowed in most jurisdictions.

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Rhino Cubes are perfect for your getaway – whether in the backyard or the backcountry.