Have you ever been surfing around Instagram and come across an amazing house, all glass windows, stacked on a garage, decked out with streamlined cabinets and sporting a super cool minimalist vibe? I do, ALL THE TIME! “I could definitely live in that,” I think.

Then I start clicking around trying to find out how much such a dreamy design would gouge my pocketbook. Funny thing always happens, I can NEVER find a price. I can NEVER find an actual floorplan layout. I can NEVER find what is included with the home. Which means I probably could NEVER afford this fantasy home. Many times, that is all that dreamy picture is; a fantasy. Fake news is hard to spot online today, and fake home designs are even more difficult to identify.

Difference #1

No fake home designs at Rhino Cubed! All of the photos, drawings and renderings you see on our site and on our Instagram page are the REAL DEAL. They are approved plans that can actually be built. Use a discerning eye when browsing for your dream home. In reality, many computer generated designs found online can not be engineered or actually built. They are inspiring to look at, but probably wouldn’t pass code requirements.

Difference #2

We post the price of the home as shown. Total price, unless you start moving around rooms adding special appliances or decking your home with the latest gadgets, our prices are upfront. We believe in transparency and giving you all the details in one click. See for yourself here: HomeCube Info

Difference #3

Live legal in all Rhino Cubes. Many tiny homes are not built to code and can’t pass city requirements. All Rhino Cubes are built by Omega Mod and are certified in the following states for IRC, ANSI and IBC codes. If your state is not listed we can work with you to identify specific code requirements for your area.
Alabama I Arizona I Arkansas I Colorado I Georgia I Kansas I Kentucky I Louisiana I Missouri I Montana I New Mexico I Oklahoma I Oregon I South Dakota I Tennessee I Texas I Utah I Wyoming I Washington

Difference #4

Our designs are engineered to ensure quality and structural soundness. This provides you peace of mind that your dwelling will be habitable for many years and withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it.

Difference #5

Full size living in a small space. Rhino Cubed offers a separate bedroom and bathroom with the option for a washer and dryer, all in 320 square feet. This means you don’t have to scale a ladder to get to your bed! We like to think we have the market cornered on comfortable tiny living! See this Cube here.

Give us a call, we love to answer questions about our Cube designs. Let us help you make your Cube dreams a reality!



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