The team at Rhino Cubed is here to help you through your Cube purchase journey. We strive for transparency and consistent communication throughout the entire purchase and building process. The key milestones in the purchase process are listed below.

Determine Your Cube Needs

  • Determine if you are interested in an Accessory Dwelling Unit, Airbnb or full-time living Cube
  • Meet with your local zoning department to determine if dwellings under 1,000 square feet are allowed (We offer assistance in navigating your local code requirements for a fee of $1,250 for six hours of help.)
  • Secure land/location for Cube
  • $1,500 fee for plans, if needed for city and county approval

Preliminary Design Discussion

  • Discuss land layout, soil issues etc.
  • $3,000 fee for engineering plans of slab foundation (to be credited back to overall purchase price)
  • Identify Cube size, configuration and utlities
  • Choose Cube model (please note, Rhino Cubed does not build custom container projects, however, you will have options in selecting from our different models.)
  • Rhino Cubed provides complete pricing proposal and estimated shipping date

Final Design Approval

  • Review pricing proposal and sign contract
  • $500 downpayment due (Payment #1)
  • Rhino Cubed to submit final design plan with your choices for appliances and other necessary details
  • Approve final design plan
  • Name your Cube
  • Client works with city or county to secure all permits. Rhino Cubed can assist with this process for a reasonable hourly fee

Cube Build

  • 50% of total price due (Payment #2)
  • Building usually takes approximately 6 weeks. Construction is completed in Missouri in a certified facility managed by our partner, OmegaMod.
  • Two weeks prior to completion, Rhino Cubed will confirm shipping date and timing
  • Upon completion, Cube will be prepared for shipping
  • 40% of total price due before shipping (Payment #3)

Client Preparation Concurrent with Build

During the building process you should be planning for your foundation and utilities. Rhino Cubed does NOT coordinate the following site preparations.

  • Coordinate site preparation
  • Excavation
  • Utility connections
  • Foundation installation
  • Local permit inspection


  • Attach to foundation and utilities (Rhino Cubed representative can assist on-site, if necessary)
  • Permit inspection, if required
  • Final 10% payment due (Payment #4)

Enjoy your new Rhino Cube!