We just shipped off another Rhino Cube to a new home. The Zulu Queen and Nola will miss their friend (she’s the one in the middle,) but she will be well loved on her new island home, off the coast of Washington State.IMG_3714 (1)

We always like to reflect a bit, after we ship out a finished Cube, as these small structures become near and dear to our heart throughout the building process. It is as if they take on a personality of their own. This most recent Cube got us thinking about the the concept of “perfectly imperfect.”

The containers we use are “one-trippers,” they have made one trip shipping items overseas. Sometimes they come to us with a dent, some dings or maybe scratched paint. We see these little imperfections as character, adding to the personality of the Cube. These minor chinks in the armor of our Rhinos do not affect the durability or sturdiness of the final structure, instead they give a little “Je ne sais quoi” to the future Rhino.  We love the uniqueness and individuality that each Cube comes to embody throughout the building process.

Today our commercially driven world often pines for the newest, shiniest version of the next “thing to own.” The perfect car or the perfect house become obsessions. Often right in front of our eyes, lies a solution to our obsessive quest. The solution may not come in a new and shiny form, but may have a few imperfections. An older home in need of some renovations, a shipping container that could be upcycled,  an old car in need of repairs. These perfectly imperfect items are treasures to be unearthed.

Each Rhino Cube is just that, an unearthed treasure. A vessel of unique character. A castaway, imperfect container that we breathe new life into.  If you ever have a chance to meet one of our Rhino Cubes, take a moment to admire the exterior. Notice the dents, the dings, the scratched paint. And don’t feel silly when you feel the urge to give that Rhino a pat on the back, and thank her for being perfectly imperfect.

Co-founder Sam Austin highlights unique features of a Rhino Cube