Living area

Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington just get it.

They are both progressive in terms of allowing small housing solutions.  Backyard cottages and ADUs are both possible in these cities.

Since 2006, Seattle has allowed stand-alone backyard cottages, otherwise known as “detached accessory-dwelling units.” These units allow residential density to increase, without compromising the neighborhood look and feel. Seattle’s code caps the size of the units at 800 square feet.

Portland, Oregon hosts its own Accessory Dwelling Unit home tour every year.

With Rhino Cube’s artistic character, use of natural design elements and sustainable building techniques, a Cube would be a perfect fit in any backyard, in either of these cities.

Are you a resident of Portland or Seattle?

Would you like a backyard residence with little to no maintenance?

How about a little extra income?

Would you like your mother-in-law out of your house and in an affordable place of her own?

Could you envision your backyard housing an artistic creation that would make your neighbors jealous?

Well, if so,  drop us a line and let us know how we can help bring your backyard living dreams to life!