SO…what’s all the fuss about? NextGen Cubes? What’s the big deal?

These new Cubes bring together everything we have learned about what people want in a sustainable, small living space. We poured over these floorpans for three months; we moved cabinets, researched appliances, measured closet sizes and nit-picked every detail down to the last square foot. What we now deliver to you, is a streamlined yet stylish plan for everyday living. Our fearless leader, Jan Burton, summed up the new Cubes for us;

Rhino Cube’s NextGen models deliver exciting interiors, more choices for you, and the sustainable design you expect in a little package.

Here are a few of the major differences between our NextGen Cubes and our previous designs.

  • Wardrobe closets
  • Queen size Murphy bed – fold it up for office or living space
  • Option for a bathtub in the HomeCube
  • Choice of Rustic or Modern style design
  • Sliding glass doors to bring in more light
  • More cabinet storage
  • Separate bedroom, bathroom & optional washer/dryer in 320 square feet!

Our Cubes continue to embrace all who cross the threshold with a sense of simplicity; clean and crisp, the perfect canvas for a comfortable living space. Many differences set us apart from other tiny home builders, here are a few:

  • One level living, no scaling a ladder to get to your bed
  • No exterior maintenance compared to a stick-built home
  • Unique, artistic design
  • Built to code – IRC 2012
  • Environmentally friendly – less waste in building process
  • Place on a foundation for legal living!

Ready to find out more?

Models and pricing here. Let us know what you think about our new designs here. We would love to use your praise and comments on our website and social media.