Have you ever wanted to live inside a work of art? A serene painting? A fabulous sculpture?

I was inspired to think of our Cubes as inhabitable art when we received this wonderful note of praise from a Rhino Cubed fan:

I love your team’s work so much: it’s inspiring, original and sustainable. Each one is like a beautiful, multi-sided painting that you can walk around, then walk inside of, to reveal a completely fresh, equally as stunning, multi-faceted, modern art sculpture that you can live in and be far more comfortable than 90% of most homes out there.”

Our homes embrace all who cross the threshold with a sense of simplicity; clean and crisp, the perfect canvas for a comfortable living space.

You could think of our dwellings as “Hygge Cubes.” The Danish word “hygge” (pronounced hue-guh) encapsulates the embrace that our Cubes bring to the concept of home. There isn’t a specific English word that can be translated for hygge, but in general it is defined as creating a warm, special atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Simple living in a unique structure creates that special atmosphere so often associated with hygge. Imagine being able to grab a cup of tea, a lawn chair and hosting an art show every day, in your own yard. Definitely hygge!

Hands down, greatest yard art available!

Photo by Ian Glass Media