Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Rhino Cube. We understand it’s difficult to find financing for a “tiny home”, unless you’re able to use a second mortgage on a primary home. We’re working with a third party to provide financing to those people who qualify.

Credit evaluation will include your sources of income and your ability to make the payments, based on your current debt and your credit scores.

The process will look like this:

  1. Application for credit
  2. Credit scores and verification of income
  3. Discussion with client
  4. Approval or Denial
  5. Sales Contract for Cube and Down payment
  6. Loan Documents signed
  7. Establishing location and security


  • Down payment of 15% – 20% (cannot be put on credit card)
  • 5 year financing at 6%
  • Must have Credit score >670
  • “Front ratio”- house-related income (33% debt to income if this is theprimary house)
  • “Back ratio” – total debt (40% debt to income, including credit cards,installment loans, home loans, etc.)

Example 30‘ Cube:

  • Cost of 30’ Cube: $52,300
  • 20% down payment: $10,460
  • Amount to Finance: $41,840
  • Monthly Payment: $808.88

We hope this service will help you become part of the Rhino Cube family!