We take great pride in our building process. The design and construction of our Cubes employ the same precision and attention to detail as used in building a custom home. We use high quality finishes that render your Cube a unique piece of art when completed. When you purchase a Rhino Cube you become the proud owner of an heirloom product that will last for generations. Check out the photo tour below of how we transform a shipping container into a custom tiny dwelling.

Our Building Process

shipping-container-for-homeA good start size is a 30’ container. This size is accomplished by cutting 10 feet off of a 40′ container. We often use refurbished containers which may come with more added character due to natural dents. Also, with the refurbished containers, we get to pick a paint color.

Rhino Cubed chooses lead-free containers made of Corten steel. This steel is more durable than “mild steel” due to a corrosion retardant rust process.

floorThe plywood floor present in the container upon purchase is coated in sealant, concealing it from the inside living area. The floor is then built up with 3 ½” of foam insulation. A ¾” plywood is added then ¾” hardwood floor. This process eradicates any preservatives or insecticides that may have been used on the original floor surface.


Cutting holes in a shipping container is not a difficult process…if you have the right people and tools! Our partnership with Rob Goehring at Quality Metal Fabricators enables precision window and door holes to be cut using equipment like plasma cutters.

Our steel window bucks are deep, ensuring no heat loss. The end result is greater structural integrity and unique artistry.


wallA 2X4 frame allows ample room for closed cell foam insulation.


Closed cell foam insulation gives each Cube high ratings of R22 on walls, R30 on the floor, and R54 on the ceiling. We also add a vapor barrier directly on the inside of the metal skin of the container. Each dwelling is “everything-proof,” repelling water, wind, rodents, insects and fire.


We use a corrugated metal roof. Before the roof goes on, we fill the 7” cavity with closed cell foam.

Insulating on the outside preserves ceiling height on the interior. Our final roof is exceptionally waterproof and robust!


The outside of a Rhino Cube has a timber frame support structure. This timber frame adds panache to the exterior and creates the base for insulation on the outside, as well as for a trellis above the cargo doors.

The timbers are made on a very expensive CNC machine which happens to reside about three miles from our shop.


Rhino Cubed’s tiny dwellings are structurally sound, transportable, water-proof, bug-proof, fire-resistant and artistically unique.

When you purchase a Rhino Cube, you have not only made an eco-friendly living choice, but you are also the proud owner of an heirloom product that will last for generations.

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Rhino Cubes are perfect for your getaway – whether in the backyard or the backcountry.