There Is Only One Rhino

The Best ADU Available

An ADU is an accessory dwelling unit and resides on the same lot as a primary residence, usually in the backyard. Our Cubes make perfect ADUs since they are practically indestructible, artistic show pieces and small in size.

California’s ADU bill recently went into effect on January 1, 2017, making it easier to place an ADU on a lot in cities that have ADU ordinances. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that homeowners are encountering long contractor waitlists, when searching for a builder for a backyard unit. Luckily, there are no waitlists with a Rhino Cubed ADU, unless all of California decides to order a Cube at the same time!

New Hampshire has a similar law going into effect June 1, 2017. With laws passing in both states, we see a glimmer of hope for our nation in terms of affordable housing solutions and openness towards tiny homes. See a list of cities and towns in Colorado that allow ADUs here. Each small step can lead to big changes.

Why you Need a Rhino Cubed ADU

No Contractor Waitlist

All Cubes built in Colorado and shipped fully finished to your location.

Transportable & Built to Code

Easily moved on the back of a flatbed. Built to 2012 International Residential Code (IRC.)

Can Include Kitchen & Bathroom

Fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms for comfortable full-time or part-time living.

Engineered Foundation Plans

We can help with ideas for your final foundation, depending on where you place your Cube.

Shipped Fully Built & Ready to Occupy

Hook-up to utilities and you are ready to move into your new home.

Low Maintenance

Perfect for a rental or Airbnb, due to the structurally sound nature of a shipping container. Dare we say, indestructible?

Comfortable Backyard Living

Perfect for Rental or Airbnb

Kitchen view
View toward bed

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