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California is on the verge of becoming the next Portland, Oregon when it comes to growing its use of Accessory Dwelling Units. In fact, we would venture to say that California is poised to become a leader in affordable housing alternatives for the country. Rhino Cubed couldn’t be more excited about these changes, as our vision for affordable housing centers on the use of sustainable, small homes in urban areas.

Rhino Cubed’s ADUs would fit perfectly into California’s urban landscape and would offer building and living benefits that surpass stick built ADUs. Indestructible to inclement weather, artistic show pieces and sustainability make a Rhino ADU a perfect choice for the backyards of California residents.

California’s ADU bill went into effect on January 1, 2018 and implemented many improvements to ADU requirements, ranging from reduced fees to easier parking requirements. Find a review of the bill here.

Why California Needs Rhino Cubed ADUs

No Contractor Waitlist

All Cubes built in Colorado and shipped fully finished to your location.

Transportable & Built to Code

Easily moved on the back of a flatbed. Built to 2012 International Residential Code (IRC.)

Full Kitchen & Bathroom

Fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms for comfortable full-time or part-time living.

Engineered Foundation Plans

We can help with ideas for your final foundation, depending on where you place your Cube.

Shipped Built & Ready to Occupy

Hook-up to utilities and you are ready to move into your new home.

Low Maintenance

Perfect for a rental or full-time residence, due to the structurally sound nature of a shipping container. Dare we say, indestructible?

ADU Resources for California

Click on resource to access links to information

ADU Guide for Los Angeles County

Comprehensive guide published by Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety. Gives details on building requirements, zoning and further contact details for starting your ADU project.

Search Zoning Requirements by Lot in LA County

Searchable map of Los Angeles county. Enter address to find out ADU requirements for your lot.

ADUs in Santa Cruz

Comprehensive brochures on ADU requirements for Santa Cruz

Financing for ADUs - Coming Soon!

Bay Area funding for ADUs is being developed according to this article in the Mercury News

ADU Permit Requests on the Rise

News article details the increase in requests for ADU permits in California

Comprehensive Guide from California Department of Housing and Community Development

Comfortable Backyard Living

Perfect for Rental or Residence

Kitchen view
View toward bed

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