Jan Burton


Jan was an executive in the high tech industry before starting her own consulting practice in Boulder. She has been traveling to the National Parks with her 1961 Airstream, “Stella Rose”, and blogging about the experience of camping, hiking, and spending time in nature (www.janandstella.wordpress.com). She is an avid music lover and has been actively involved in several non-profit music organizations. She also loves hosting musicians and holding house concerts. She is a pilot and aircraft owner and supports the Kansas State Aviation program through her foundation, the Connor Burton Aviation Foundation. She currently serves on Boulder City Council.


Sam Austin


Sam holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado-Denver and has been practicing architecture since 1992. He specializes in residential design and has completed more than 200 homes in the Boulder area and beyond. For 17 years, he has designed beautiful modern custom homes and is renowned for his use of reclaimed materials. His passion for architecture extends across many disciplines, including fine art, poetry and music, and he has been painting for more than 30 years. Sam is also an avid outdoorsman and loves camping and riding his Surley bike. He became interested in building tiny structures from shipping containers three years ago, and he has designed several plans, constantly thinking about design elements and concepts.


Nicole Brooks


Nicole spent 13 years in the Marketing Department at Discover Card in Chicago. However, she feels her best work experience came in the summer during college when she worked in a salmon cannery on the remote outpost of South Naknek, AK, and when she was a Jeune Fille Au Pair in Paris and Gstaad, Switzerland. Nicole holds a B.A. in International Business and French from Linfield College and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing from Roosevelt University. In her free time she loves gardening, tending her urban chicken flock and skiing with her family.


Liz Spencer


Liz has done interior design work in Washington D.C and marketing for Groupon in Chicago before joining Rhino Cube in Colorado. She is currently an MBA student at CU Boulder and presides as MBA President of her class. When she is not studying, Liz enjoys exploring the outdoors and discovering the Boulder area. She enjoys travelling and has lived in Spain, Lesotho and Denmark.


Jan’s love of art and design brought her in closer contact with Sam Austin when she purchased a house that had been designed by Sam. They discovered a mutual love of art, music, and the outdoors, and together they collaborated on the Colorado Music Festival Mash-up series where Sam generously donated his paintings. Their friendship and mutual respect has grown through the start of Rhino Cubed and brainstorming the possibilities of tiny homes. On April 22, 2014, Sam’s vision became reality. One sweet Rhino is now roaming the plains of Colorado. The “Zulu Queen” has been followed by “Nola” and “The Tank”, and the team is growing with people who share our vision and values.

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