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Rhino Cubed…a Colorado-based company building artistic tiny homes from shipping containers…the perfect building envelope. Structurally robust, water tight, and quasi-portable, our creative artistry and design turn them into unique living structures.

The Rhino Difference

Structural Soundness

These homes are built to last for generations. Your investment will endure.


They can easily be moved to address different needs during its lifetime and yours.

Everything Proof

Water-proof, rodent and insect-proof, weather-proof, fire resistant…the list goes on.  As a second home, you won’t worry about who or what gets in.


These cubes have the highest standards and thorough detail of a custom home.


We transform raw steel, wood, and other natural design elements into a unique artistic structure.


Upcycling a used shipping container and building “small” seals your contribution to the earth.


This is the Fort Knox of tiny homes.  Impossible to steal, hard to break into, it gives you peace of mind.

Social Crisis Solution

Our Cubes provide a solution for the homeless, disaster relief and affordable housing. Let us help you discover the potential of short or long terms housing solutions.

“Oh, man.  I have been looking at tiny houses and containers for like, a whole year.  How did I miss you two and your amazing containers?  I want one right now!”

“I love the idea of taking something that is considered garbage and treating it like it’s priceless.”

“We like the exterior of Rhino Cubed’s $52,400 “Zulu Queen,” the company’s first prototype.” View Article

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Rhino Cubes are perfect for your getaway – whether in the backyard or the backcountry.